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Family Dog Withholds Baby, Mom Relieved To See Why

Catherine Svilicic never would have guessed her rescue dog would act out with aggression towards her young 17 month-old baby! When a mother sees her own child being tossed like that, they fear for her child’s life of course and her precious face. A young baby like that would hopefully not need cosmetic surgery to fix claw marks on her delicate face. Thus, on that fateful morning, she ran with her baby to shelter, but what happened next revealed something about her new dog’s intentions.

One Strange Morning

Back when Catherine Svilicic chose to adopt the rescue Doberman, she did not expect anything but a loving pet. Of course, she envisioned the dog bonding with her baby daughter and becoming inseparable. Once things unexpectedly changed in her own backyard, she was shocked!

Unusual Behavior

Even though she knew rescues come from abuse or neglect and that can affect their behavior, she took a chance. I guess that’s what rescue is all about…taking a chance on a poor animal so maybe the animal will live a better life.

Adopting A Rescue

While many people prefer to buy a new dog from a breeder, another option is to adopt a rescue dog. There are so many dogs waiting to be rescued and have a family to call their own. Adopting is a great way to help improve the life of a rescue pup.

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