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Family Dog Withholds Baby, Mom Relieved To See Why

Stillman Award Winner

In a movie like moment, this Rottweiler named Eve pulled her paralyzed paraplegic owner from a burning truck. That’s not even all! Eve continued to drag her until reaching a ditch, safely away from the vehicle’s potential explosion. Afterwards, Eve won the Sittlman Award for her brave actions.

9/11 Rescue

Now we mentioned Hurricane Katrina, but that was not the only large scale destruction where dogs saved lives. During the tragic attacks on 9/11, many dogs saved people buried in the collapsed buildings. One such hero was officer James Symington’s dog Trakr. This amazing dog dug through about 30 feet of not so stable debris at ground zero. Trakr even found the last survivor. After working so tirelessly, it was decided he would be cloned for use in other police rescue missions.

Alligator Rescue

When you live in certain swampy areas you never know what dangers are lurking in your own backyard. When 85 year old Ruth Gay was out back, an alligator crept up on her. Gay had apparently, fallen while walking her dog Blue, an Australian Blue Heeler. Thus, when the alligator approached, Blue fought him off until scaring the gator off. Due to Blue’s heroic actions, she saved her owner’s life. Also Gay’s dog won the “Dog Hero of the Year” award for 2001.

Siberian Husky Makes Incredible Rescue

At just 11 months old, this Siberian husky saved owner Marci Snead by seeking help. Snead, a diabetic, had gone into hypoglycemic shock. Thus, her dog named Neo sought help at the closest building. Neo led people back to his owner where they phoned an ambulance. She made a full recovery. The next story may sound a little unbelievable, but we promise it really happened.

Kankuntu Takes On Pirates

Kankuntu really did save his family from armed pirates, we’re serious. Owner Peter Lee was about to be hijacked while at sea on his yacht. Lee claims his dog, “thinks he’s a lion,” thus, Kankuntu attacked the gunman. Sadly, the gunman then shot and stabbed the poor dog between the dog’s shoulder blades. Thankfully, the amazing Kankuntu recovered!

Dog Dials 911

Now, this story is one of the most incredible dog stories. A diabetic man named Kevin Weaver begins to have a seizure and collapses. Then, Belle, his dog, bit the numbers 911 into Weaver’s phone. Kevin is eternally grateful, saying, “there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d be dead if I didn’t have Belle.” Bella then became the first ever dog to win VITA’s Wireless Samaritan Award. To clear things up for you, Belle was specially trained to dial for emergency situations. Impressive, none the less!

Toby Saves Choking Owner

Wow, this 2007 Dog of the Year knew just what to do when his owner began choking. Toby, a golden retriever jumped hard onto his owner, Debbie Parkhurst, in order to force the apple piece from her throat, saving her life. What a smart dog!

Intruder Alert

This dog won the Heroic Hearing Dog of the Year! Now, how does a dog win an award for hearing? Well, Nellie was able to detect and alert her deaf owner of an intruder in time to save her! The four year old lab surely deserved the award.

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