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Family Dog Withholds Baby, Mom Relieved To See Why

Adding To The Family

Just as many families do at a point, the Svilicics chose to add a new family member by adopting a pet. Shortly after her daughter Charlotte’s birth, Catherine decided she wanted a close bond with a dog for Charlotte.

Making The Big Decision

The family knew they wanted perform a good deed. By rescuing, they were saving a dog. As they already had a healthy child, they felt fortunate enough to save another life.


Calling the Shelter

Thus, Catherine called the dog shelter close by to inquire about adoption. After hearing about the available animals, she chose a Doberman Pinscher. Once they signed adoption papers, they named the dog Khan.

Some Reservations

Catherine decided to adopt to add a protector to the family. Perhaps, the idea of rescue did give her a bit of reservations as she signed the papers for adoption. Yet, she put her faith in the dog.

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