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Market Predictors to Watch

This graph shows the bear markets since World War II and you can see for yourself that a bear market typically happens every five years. As you can see, this timeframe has accelerated. In 2000, the dot-com bubble burst and 49% of the market crashed. In 2007, the housing bubble burst and the market lost 56%.

In April 2011, we had a small correction and the market lost 19%.

Follow the trends and it’s clear to see that we’re past due for a bear market.

Take a look at the following chart of the DOW from 1995 until 2017:

This is a monthly view beginning from 1995 through nearly the end of 2017. Starting in 1995, the market was going up.

We had a small correction in 1998, but after, it moves higher and higher. Then 2000 comes around—and you know what happens then. Everything changed and the market bottomed out, dropping 48% in a matter of months.
It took eight years for the DOW to recover.

Then, just when we’re able to restore the market, the housing market crashes and prices sink again. Then they climb, until the mini-recession in 2011 happens and down we go…again. While there was a little correction in 2011 and some volatility in 2015 and 2016, since 2009, the DOW has been growing steadily.

At the time of the writing of this book, we’re at an all-time high and keep hitting new all-time highs. No matter how you look at it, the cycle stays consistent— we move up, we have a little correction, we move up more and everyone assumes the market is going to keep going in the right direction. But, soon enough, there’s another crash—history always repeats itself.

Can you see how the current pattern matches the last 2 crashes? And we are overdue for a correction!

There’s a silver lining to all of this, however. With the PowerX Strategy, you could potentially make money before, during and after a crash. When everyone else is losing their retirement and savings to the icy deeps, you’ll be actively trading your account and can profit on the volatility of the markets. Let’s face it, we’re all on the stock market Titanic. Every single one of us, including me, is headed toward the next iceberg on this chart. But we don’t have to crash.

We can get on a speedboat and zip around taking gains while others crash and sink their financial ship. So how do you get aboard the speedboat?

Your ticket is the PowerX Strategy. Unlike the vast majority of Wall Street-reliant investors, you won’t be tied to the actions of the entire market and go down with that ship. You’ll be involved in, often unknown, individual stocks that yield profits speedily in both directions: UP and DOWN.

It all starts here with the PowerX Strategy. You CAN make money in the market if you have:

1 – A Proven Trading Strategy
2 – A Solid Trading Plan
3 – The Discipline to follow your strategy—that means putting in the time, which is doable in just 15 minutes per day

We’ll cover these in detail in this book. You’ll also learn the secrets from starting small to growing big and even bigger still. And how, if you know your numbers and can learn and grow from your mistakes, you can have what you need to succeed as a trader.

This trading approach will help you check your boxes. By tapping into PowerX you can…

1 – Grow your wealth
2 – Protect yourself from the crash—a crash that’s ALWAYS COMING
3 – Gain security for you and your family, by gaining financial freedom once and for all
4 – Learn how to build a legacy for your family that extends to your children, your grandchildren, and beyond

I’ll warn you now, it won’t always be easy. However, it is very doable. The people who tell you it’s not possible to make money through all cycles of the market are the people who can’t hack it themselves. They don’t have a proven trading strategy as you’ll now have.

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