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Pregnant Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Then The Vet Sees Exactly Why

When two dog parents brought their pregnant pit bull to the vet, nothing could have prepared them for the ultrasound results they saw. The vet immediately knew the dog’s life was on the line, and she knew they had to act fast. Let’s start at the beginning…

Adopting A Dog

Mariesa and Chris loved the idea of giving a shelter dog a permanent home. When they visited their local shelter, they encountered so many adorable dogs that had great potential to become pets. However, once they saw one specific pit bull, they knew they found their new family member.

A Very Pregnant Dog

Once they showed interest in the pit bull, they were told that she was heavily pregnant. This didn’t make a difference to Chris and Mariesa, as they thought she deserved a loving home in order to give birth in. Were they making the right choice?

An Abandoned Breeding Dog

Chris and Mariesa were then told that the pit bull they were interested in, called Storie, originally belonged to a dog breeder. However, when the breeder found out how unique her pregnancy was, Storie was quickly abandoned. Poor Storie!

They Had No Other Choice

Upon hearing the story, Mariesa and Chris immediately realized that they had to intervene. They were glad that they could possibly help change the course of Storie’s life. However, they did not expect to hear the news that the veterinarian would give them later.

The Family Bed

The couple love dogs, and pit bulls in particular. When they came across Storie, the pair had already adopted ten dogs! They even had a specially made bed that could fit all of their dogs so they could all sleep together in what they dubbed “the family bed.”

They Were Already Dog People

Many people who are adoption first-timers may have been intimidated by the fact that Storie is a pit bull. However, this was no problem at all for veteran adopters Mariesa and Chris. They were already proud owners of many dogs, including other pit bulls!

A Full Fledged Dog Obsession

Mariesa considered herself quite lucky when she met Chris, a fellow dog lover. In an interview, she shared that she had experienced difficulty in previous relationships because she was so devoted to her dogs. Many past paramours have not understood her need to have a house full of dogs.

The Happy Family

When Mariesa met Chris, it was as if they two were truly meant for one another. The couple share a mutual love for dogs, and their dog-family continues to expand. How cute is this family?

The Wrong Impression

Pit bulls have had a bad reputation for some time now. This is most likely the reason that many pit bulls end up at shelters. It may be that their muscular build makes them seem aggressive and intimidating, but that is simply not the case.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Actually, the name “Pit bull” does not actually refer to just one kind of dog breed. It’s more of an umbrella name that encapsulates several breeds that fall into a category of similar dogs. The breeds are American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, and English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Fighting Against Stereotypes

With these negative stereotypes in mind, Chris and Mariesa set out to prove the haters wrong. That’s part of the reason why they chose to adopt several pit bulls and eventually wanted to adopt Storie as well.

Loyal, Loving Dogs

Just like any other dog breed, pit bulls have the potential to be loving and loyal companion dogs if they’re given the proper chance. Any mistreated dog will likely lash out and create potentially dangerous situations. That is why Chris and Mariesa wanted to provide a safe and loving home for Storie.

Shelter Pit Bulls

Upon spending more time at the shelter, Mariesa and Chris noticed something. They saw that quite a large number of the dogs at the shelter were in fact pit bulls. With aching hearts, they knew that they had to do something to help. They didn’t realize just how much they would help Storie.

The Reality Of Shelters

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) shares: “Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats.” Adopting animals is quite important.

Still No Puppies

The staff members at the shelter also told Chris and Mariesa that Storie was quite overdue, and they were concerned about why she hadn’t given birth yet. What was going on in her belly? Nobody could seem to figure out why her delivery was so delayed.

Storie’s Life Was At Stake

Storie quickly stole Chris and Mariesa’s hearts, and they knew that they had to do everything they possibly could in order to provide her with a better home. They realized that Storie and her babies’ lives were at stake, and they didn’t want to take a chance on that.

They Needed To Decide

Although they wanted more than anything to help Storie, they also realized how much of a burden this would be. They already had 10 dogs, and that’s without even factoring the puppies into the equation. They did not even know what they were truly facing yet….What could they do?

Storie Asked For Help

It seemed as though Storie knew what was going on. While Chris and Mariesa were deliberating, Storie gently rested her head against Mariesa’s knee. She looked up at Mariesa with pleading eyes, and that was that. Marie had made her final decision.

Their Hesitation

Although Chris and Mariesa didn’t think twice about wanting to help, they wondered just how they would be able to handle over 10 dogs. They were committed to helping Storie, but they knew that once she gave birth, they could potentially have over 20 dogs in their home! They knew they needed to think of a solution, and fast…

It Wasn’t A Question Of If, But How

Throughout their discussions and deliberations at the shelter, the couple knew that they were taking Storie home with them. Now they just needed to figure out how they would make it work. Luckily, they figured out a brilliant solution.

The Best Solution

After much back and forth, the couple knew exactly what they would do. Still, they knew that they were taking on a huge responsibility. However, the dog-loving duo was up for the challenge. They finally knew what they needed todo.

Adoption Wasn’t The Only Option

Chris came up with the idea of fostering Storie as opposed to adopting her. This would allow them to have some time to find her and her babies a suitable permanent home. Meanwhile, she would be living in a loving home as opposed to at the shelter.

Despite The Joy, They Worried

Even though Mariesa and Chris were overjoyed that they had found a solution for helping out Storie, there was still the concern about her unusual pregnancy. They had to ensure that this was taken care of, and as soon as possible.

So What About Her Pups?

Storie adjusted to her new home very quickly. The rest of the dogs warmed up to her, and she seemed very happy. Now they could fully focus on the issue at hand. Where were the puppies? Why hadn’t they been born yet? They knew that they were past due, and this was a growing concern.

The Internet Didn’t Help Out

They were quite worried about Storie, so Chris and Mariesa decided to check possible reasons online. They researched meticulously, but to no avail. What more, the things they read online actually increased their concerns.

They Were In The Dark

Their research online actually created even more questions, and the couple began to become more and more concerned. Not knowing exactly what was happening made them more worried, but they tried not to get discouraged and were determined to find a solution.

They Refused To Give Up

Even though it looked like they would never get an answer, they did not stop trying to figure it out. Chris and Mariesa were so determined, and they knew that if they did not give up, they’d find the answer eventually. Finally, they found something that could potentially help them out.

Stress And Birth: The Connection

Chris and Mariesa stumbled upon an article online that outlined the connection between shelter dogs experiencing stress and the degree of trauma they may have experienced. A crowded environment is not great for any dogs, but it’s especially not ideal for a pregnant one. This could maybe be the reason why Storie’s pregnancy was so overdue.

Just How Bad Was It?

They continued to read and research this matter. It became quickly clear that this type of situation could be dire to both Storie and her unborn pups. One horrible outcome was that Storie could lose her babies, but even worse was that they could also lose Storie. They decided it was time to take action.

Trauma Makes It Worse

Chris and Mariesa read that when dogs who are pregnant experiece trauma, they may choose to deliberately refuse to give birth. This is due to the fact that they want to shelter their babies from an unsafe environment, keeping the puppies away from potential danger.

Worried About Her Life

They experienced a small sense of relief that they finally understood what was happening, but Chris and Mariesa were getting more and mroe nervous about Storie’s situation. Without any doubts, they knew it was time to go see a professional.

Time To Head To The Vet

Chris and Mariesa immediately rushed to the vet’s office to clear up what was going on. Would the vet be able to help the situation? The couple were terrified that they were too late. The fear of the unknown was truly getting to them.

Results Of The Ultrasound

The vet administered the ultrasound, and the picture became a little bit clearer. She instantly knew that she was facing quite the unique case, and what the scan was showing was quite unreal. If she hadn’t seen it herself, she would have a bit of difficulty believing it.

How Would She Tell Them?

Once her initial shock wore off, the vet began thinking about how she would break the unusual news to Chris and Mariesa. The extraordinary pregnancy surprised her and she was wondering what was the best way to go about telling the couple what was happening.

An Unusual Pregnancy

Now, a typical dog’s pregnancy will allow the mother to carry up to six pups. When the vet showed Chris and Mariesa the ultrasound, they began to count the puppies’ outlines along with the couple. The conclusion they came to had everybody absolutely stunned.

A Crazy Situation

Knowing that a normal pregnancy can bring up to six puppies, when they saw how many Storie was carrying, the couple was absolutely shocked. She was carrying twice the normal amount, and had 12 puppies growing in her belly!

Everyone Was Shocked

The couple, along with the vet, could barely believe what they were seeing. Poor Storie, carrying double the amount of puppies than a usual pregnancy. They began to wonder, what did this mean? Would Storie and the babies survive? Could Chris and Mariesa do anything to help?

The Stress Continued

Now that the delivery delay mystery was solved, a new set of problems faced them. How would Storie get through this out of the ordinary pregnancy? What could they do to help out?

A Silver Lining

Even though the couple began to be alarmed, there was some good news as well. The vet clarified that each and every puppy was alive and healthy even though they’d gone through Storie’s stress and delaying the delivery.

Storie Headed Home

The vet informed Chris and Mariesa that all they could do was wait at this point, and they were free to take Storie home. However, the vet told them that if she hadn’t delivered her babies within the next 48 hours, they should come back with her.

And So The Waiting Began

There wasn’t much to do but wait at this point. However, Chris and Mariesa did not know that Storie had her own particular reasons for delaying the birth and keeping her babies back for a bit longer.

The Pups Were Still MIA

Despite all of the research, it still wasn’t super clear why the puppies had not been born yet. Chris and Mariesa tried to think of all the ways they could possibly help. They thought that maybe if she felt that she had her own space, she would feel comfortable and allow it to happen.

Creating A Safe Space For Her

After reading about dogs who experience trauma and how this could affect a pregnancy, Mariesa had an inspiring idea. In the corner of their bedroom, the couple set up a safe haven for their foster dog. They included blankets and a comfortable pillow for her.

They Hoped It Would Help

Hoping that she would like her new space, Chris and Mariesa headed to bed themselves. They had no idea just what was in store for them. The next morning, they went to check up on Storie to see if she was still comfortable in the space they set up for her.

Waking Up To A Surprise

Upon reading her safe spot, Chris and Mariesa noticed some funny sounds. They further hurried to see if everything was okay. What they didn’t expect was to see a new litter of 12 puppies! Storie had finally given birth to her babies.

A Proud Mama

Storie was lying down comfortably in her new space nursing her newborn babies. She had a proud look about her, having given birth all by herself in the middle of the night with no help whatsoever. What an incredible dog!

Happiness In The Hughes’ Home

Emotions got the best of Chris and Mariesa and they found themselves crying tears of joy. This was wonderful news! They also finally figured out the exact reason why Storie took so long to deliver her puppies. Do you know why?

Motherly Instincts

While she was at the shelter, Storie’s motherly instincts kicked in. She instinctively knew that this was not the right location for her puppies to be delivered. Therefore, her body took over and she avoided giving birth in the shelter.

She Just Needed A Safe Space

Storie was simply holding on until she would be a in a safe location in order to give birth to the puppies. Just one day at Chris and Mariesa’s house gave her a feeling of comfort and love, so she was able to relax and was finally able to give birth to her litter.

Taking Care Of The Pups

Right from the start, it was clear that Storie was an incredible mom. She immediately took care of all of their needs. Soon, people had heard about the birth of the puppies and they were eager to adopt the babies. How would this affect Storie?

Bonding With Her Babies

Once the pups had opened their eyes, they were in full-on bonding mode with their mother. The playful little doggies enjoyed running around the yard. However, it was inevitable that they would soon have to part ways and settle into their forever homes.

A New Chapter

While Chris and Mariesa were also bonding with and falling in love with the puppies, they knew that they definitely could not keep them. They were able to find a permanent home for every single puppy, though. It was not easy for them to let them go, but they knew that it was the right move.

Ready For Their New Homes

Once the puppies were 10 weeks old, it was finally time for them to head to their permanent homes. Although the puppies would be well taken care of, what would happen to Storie? She also was in need to a loving forever home.

A New Home For Storie?

Storie’s incredible story began to circulate on social media. She was so inspiring, and many people shared the amazing story. When one man came across her story, he instantly knew what he had to do next.

Her Fur-ever Home

This man instantly fell in love with Storie and decided to contact Chris and Mariesa. They arranged a meeting, and upon meeting Storie it was confirmed: the man was adopting her! Storie had finally found a place to call home for good.

Not Always A Happy Ending For Shelter Dogs

Chris and Mariesa ensured that Storie got a happy ending, but not all shelter dogs are so lucky. These dogs need more people like this generous couple to help them out. If you are considering getting a dog, please try to adopt as opposed to buying a dog.

The Mr. Mo Project

Chris and Mariesa were inspired and decided to start a nonprofit organization that they named the Mr. Mo Project. Their organization cares for sick and elderly shelter dogs and help them find loving home to live out their remaining days surrounded by love and care. They’re truly making a difference.

Americans With Pets

The American Pets Products Association reports that “It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat.” The majority of these are purchased from a breeder.

Consider National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

A national holiday has been declared in order to raise awareness of just how many potential pets at shelters are waiting to be adopted. April 30th is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day that helps encourage the motto of “adopt, don’t shop!”

Zac Efron’s Adopted Doggie

Many celebrities have chosen to bring awareness to this cause. Zac Efron shared this Instagram post of his newly adopted doggie, who is named Maca. He included the hashtag #adoptdontshop, helping bring awareness to the situation.

Tom Brady Adopted!

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, may have a large collection of Super Bowl rings, but he also has several adopted dogs as well! These include Fluffly, Scooby, and Lua.

Miranda Lambert Adopted A Whole Crew

Singer Miranda Lambert is known to have a big heart. She has adopted many dogs. She currently has seven dogs total! She also started her very own animal shelter, Tishomingo Animal Shelter.

Chris Pine’s Pittie

Actor Chris Pine not only helped raising awareness for pet adoption, but even more specifically for adopting pit bull. He adopted this adorable doggie from the LA shelter named North Central Shelter. How cute!

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