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Supply chain management project released through Ivhimprom

Formerly partnered credits and JSC ivhimprom introduced the successful release of a pilot project aimed toward automating the supply chain of the plant. The representatives of JSC ivhimprom and credits have effectively deployed a pilot project as a part of a working organization for automating supply and sales management systems. The system operating on the idea of software supplied through the credits blockchain platform also can be used for monitoring the materials of raw substances and completed products in the ivhimprom plant. Throughout the training segment of the pilot mission, the business model of the organization was analyzed and the primary business goals of the organization have been decided through considering key signs and overall performance evaluations. The primary goals of launching the pilot project have been the discount of the organization’s operating costs in addition to the increase of transparency of operations and data on counterparties. Using blockchain technology guarantees the immutability of information on shipments, deliveries and transactions. The immutability of operations associated information will allow the operators to have undeniable evidence of manufacturing and delivery information. The brand new system can also be capable of negating the opportunity of distortion and fraud at a part of both providers and contractors. The control of JSC ivhimprom is sure that the application of this kind of transparent system for monitoring the supply of merchandise will offer transparency in pricing and make sure a better quality of raw materials, therefore making sure the future growth of the organization. This pilot project is an essential move for the credits blockchain market platform for ensuring effectiveness and the viability of its technology in big companies. The organization’s management believes that the successful implementation of the pilot project will offer more collaboration possibilities with different potential partners.

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